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Molekiu’s robots lend a hand to smart business and smart living



Molekiu, a robotics company at Cyberport Smart-Space, recently launched an end-to-end Smart Hotel solution that deploys robots on concierge, customer service, room service, security, and cleaning duties.


The company’s robots can escort guests to their rooms, deliver room service, answer guest enquiries, patrol the hotel and clean the floors. By picking up some of the mundane and potentially back-breaking tasks, the solution helps hotel staff to focus on providing quality service to the guests.


Molekiu’s solution is powered not only by robotics but also by AI and IoT. For example, the use of facial recognition technology enables robots to interact intelligently with the guests by identifying them and providing personalised services based on their preferences or tastes. IoT technology allows the robots to navigate the premises accurately and to access facilities such as lifts and phones.


Applications of Molekiu’s Smart Hotel and other robotic solutions are not limited to the hospitality industry. Soon, Molekiu’s robots will be roaming the halls of Cyberport’s corporate office delivering internal mail.

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Enterprises can also deploy the robots at showrooms or shops or use Molekiu’s cleaning and patrolling robots to reduce the demand on manual labour for laborious or even dangerous tasks. 


To meet the growing demand for robotic applications in sectors such as financial services, healthcare, human resources, retail, security services, and smart city, Molekiu is continually expanding its portfolio of robotic solutions.  


The founders foresee that smart city developments, including ubiquitous Wi-Fi connectivity and IoT-enabled buildings, will create a robot-friendly environment that promotes further robotic developments and adoption.

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