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STEM Education

At Molekiu, we're passionate about promoting STEM education in primary and secondary schools. We offer courses on generative AI and other AI applications to help prepare young learners for the future.

What we teach?

  • Definition and importance of AI

  • The newest trends of AI

  • History of AI

  • Application of AI to generate content such as music, scripts, backdrop images

Our Objective


Develop an understanding of what generative AI is and their daily applications


Learn how to use generative AI to create different types of new and innovative content


Explore the ethical and implication of generative AI; Establish framework of how to use AI responsibly


Encourage students creativity in using AI to help students explore new ways of expressing themselves

STEM Courses

96.8% of our students finds our course very useful
91.8% of our students find our course interesting and fun

Our Students love us !!!

How students benefit?

  • Help student to build confidence and become more effective communicators

  • Provide hands in experience & activity to establish positive values and attitudes towards life

  • Engage students through games and collaborative activities. Develop students' skills to work in team through various activities

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