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MTR Lohas Park Mall

Lohas Park- molekiu-robotic-solution-roboguard-security
***Molekiu robot being launched in Lohas Park
Lohas Park- molekiu-robotic-solution-roboguard-security

It is of tremendous excitement to announce that we have recently launched an end-to-end Smart Patrol solution that deploys robots for patrolling and environment monitoring duties.


The robot will be deployed on the ground floor of the shopping mall right next to the exit of the MTR station. Its responsibilities include patrolling and identifying suspicious individuals such as those handing out flyers and those who are wandering around for a long period of time. While the robot can monitor the environment and execute its task independently, security officers from Lohas Park Mall can also monitor the situation through watching live cameras and infrared feeds in the software client.


Apart from patrolling tasks, our robot will also display important information with its screen. Particularly in current times, it is of paramount importance that customers in the mall be informed with the mall’s latest COVID policies. The information will be displayed on the robot while it is patrolling and hence increasing the exposure. In case of an emergency, the security officers in Lohas park can also broadcast messages via the robot and the software client. Messages typed in the software client will be played loudly through the speakers of the robot on a real time basis. 


With increasing demand for security robots in the local market, we are currently in the progress of designing and developing a new platform which facilitates human-robot collaboration on security and patrolling. We are expecting the launch of the beta version of this new platform at the end of September this year.


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