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Participation in “Vibrant Hong Kong” by RTHK

Updated: Jun 6

By Molekiu (31//7/2023)

*Koby being interviewed by the interviewer*

It is of tremendous excitement to announce that Molekiu Limited participated in the new English TV programme “Vibrant Hong Kong” produced by RTHK and has made a successful episode.

Recently, an English TV programme “Vibrant Hong Kong” is broadcasted on RTHK32. This programme is made to explore the vibrant culture and potential of Hong Kong. Molekiu Limited, an innovative robotic solution company, was invited to share about robots and the robotic industry in the programme.

During the interview, our leading engineer Koby Choy introduced different types of robots and their applications in various industries, for example, education, security, healthcare and business. Moreover, Koby also guided us to explore the robotic market in Hong Kong and its relation with the globe.

As robots have been becoming more and more ubiquitous, we hope that more people can have a better understanding of the new technologies and become more innovative. It is our pleasure to be invited to this special and meaningful programme to promote cutting-edge technologies to the public. We hope to attract more innovative and creative ideas in the industry as well as contribute to building a tech-savvy society in Hong Kong.

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