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Roboexhibitor is a robotics solution that revolutionizes the exhibition experience by enabling remote attendees to interact with exhibitors and other participants in real-time. Through advanced robotics and communication technologies, it bridges the gap between physical and virtual engagement, allowing remote participants to navigate the exhibition space, engage in live conversations, and access relevant information and exhibits.

*Roboexhibitor working in the exhibition and interacting with the people inside the exhibition


Rea time audio

Audio communication enables real-time interaction between attendees and exhibition personnel, facilitating clear and immediate conversation.

Video call

Video-call communication

enables real-time exhibition viewing and interactive communication with staff, providing a professional and immersive remote experience.

Path finding

Remote attendees can effortlessly navigate the exhibition floor. With a simple click, the robot autonomously go to their desired booth, and the attendees would be able visit the booth successfully.

Obstacle aviodance

The obstacle aviodance feature allows the robots to travelling smoothly and safety in the exhibition, ensuring smooth communication.


The textbox feature allows attendees to type their inquiries, promoting clear interaction. Exhibition staff can respond to these inquiries, providing attendees with the information they seek.

Video: Introducing Roboexhibitor

User Interface

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