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Car Park Redemption is a robotics solution that revolutionizes the redemption of free parking in many shopping malls by enabling customers to complete the free parking redemption with zero contact interaction. Through advanced robotics and communication technologies, it allows customers to have a contactless experience. This allows the whole car park redemption more convenient and efficient, enchancing customer to spend and consume more in the shopping more to claim the free parking offer.

car park redemption

*People real-life testing on our car park redemption system on Sail robot



Octopus Scanning

Customers will first scan the octopus card number with the card reader installed onto the robot


Query Transaction Record with Card No.

The card number obtained will then be used to query for a transaction record in the carpark system


Receipt Scanning

Customers can then scan the receipts using the front camera of the robot


OCR and Validation

OCR will then be performed and information extracted will be used to determine the number of free parking hours

Video: Demo on Car Park Redemption

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