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We provide most advance AI and robotic solutions to our client to increase efficiency, reduce cost, improve quality and customer satisfaction.

Patroller II

Patroller II is an indoor patrolling robot, which can operate in indoor environments both day and night.  It can perform performs tasks including monitoring, target recognition, and environment monitoring. In addition, it can also displays information with its screen. 



Run is a robot, specifically designed for hotels. By employing latest IOT technologies, Run is able to provide room services delivery across floors. Moreover, it can also guide customers to their rooms.



Maxi is an interactive robot with 1 huge screen for display and another screen for other services, which interacts with users intelligently. It is capable of providing consulting and explanation services, helping businesses to reconstruct their business model.

Screen Shot 2022-11-17 at 4.35_edited.png


Sail is a large screen display robot, which interacts with users intelligently. It is capable of providing consulting and explanation services, helping businesses to reconstruct their business model.


OS Mini

OS Mini is an interactive robot, which interacts with users intelligently. It is of smaller size compared to other robots, and is capable of providing explanation and educational services.

Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 9.55_edited.png


Talk is a guiding robot, particularly good at communication. It is capable of making conversations, hence proving itself especially useful in customers-facing scenarios. Moreover, it can also collect data for further analysis in the future.



S2 is delivery robot with autonomous obstacle avoidance, elevator control to perform delivery within building and office.



​WoXiaoBai is a self-driving sweeper. It is specifically designed for sweeping jobs outdoors. One could easily monitor the robot via internet or mobile app, which supports real-time tracking and 360 video surveillance.

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