Patroller II

Patroller I Capabilities:


Providing the background system with real-time videos all around the target area both day and night

Community security surveillance and accident alerting (in case of fire, smoke, etc.)

Target Recognition

Identifying a suspect through face recognition and comparison, and automatically giving an alert

Alarming and Deterrence

Supporting audible and visual alarming and loud-volume warning

Environment Monitoring

Monitoring the temperature, humidity, smoke and toxic/hazardous gases detection in surrounding environments and sending the data back to the background

Remote Voice Communication

Supporting two-way voice communication between the operator in the background and people at the scene

Warning Broadcasting

Broadcasting voice warnings in loops

Patroller I Specifications:

Size and Weight

Weight:100 kg     
Size:1100 mm x 700 mm x 1600 mm (L × W × H)

Surveillance Cameras

4 full-color fixed-focus surveillance cameras    
1 telescopic PTZ camera 
Height of the telescopic mast: 2000 mm


Maximum angle of slope: 10°   
Maximum height of obstacle: 30 mm

Maximum patrolling speed: 1m/s

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