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Molekiu Robot, Iwwa

Small. Easy. Flexible.

Iwwa , the new model of the intelligent driverless floor scrubber series of Smart Dynamics, offers higher versatility and flexibility.

Riding on the various cutting-edge technologies, Iwwa can provide not only intelligent, safe and optimum cleaning, but additional flexibility for area with some narrower passageway. It uses less water, and is capable of filling up its tank automatically when the tank becomes empty. Moreover, it is also able to travel across different floors, via elevators, making cleaning an easier job. 


Iwwa has a small foot-print (134 cm (L) x 76.8 cm(w) ) with a cleaning coverage width of 55 cm, enabling it to clean about 2000 sq meters per hour.

IWAA Cyberport Demo
IWAA object avoidance
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