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Tuen Mun Town Plaza And Sino Innovation Lab

Hong Kong (12th July, 2022)

It is our pleasure to share our recent collaboration with Sino’s Tuen Mun Town Plaza on the 5G robotic project. The project is very ambitious as our robot is designed to be responsible for tasks of a wide variety ranging from customer service, carpark redemption to security patrol. 


In terms of customer services, our robot provides guiding services to customers in the shopping mall, leading them the way to crucial venues. Furthermore, on a 32-inch screen, it also displays information on latest mall events, so that more people can access them. Lastly, in case of an emergency, our robot can help customers to connect with real customer service staff at the concierge. 


Apart from the common customer services, we have also implemented a custom carpark redemption system which enables customers to redeem for free parking hours with a maximum of 3 receipts. The system will first perform optical character recognition on the scanned receipts to extract the necessary information. This information will then go through a series of logic checkpoints, to determine the number of free parking hours the customers can obtain. 


After the mall is closed at night, the robot will automatically switch its mode to patrol mode. It will follow the patrol route that security officers pre-configured in our backend platform, and sends out alerts if a person is detected. 


We are positive and confident that this project can serve as a new chapter for customer services robots in the local market. 

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