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Molekiu formed a strategic partnership with Anzer

Hong Kong (28th February 2019)


Molekiu Limited, a leading solutions provider of automatic robotic services in Hong Kong, formed a strategic partnership with Anzer. Molekiu Limited will be involved in the market development, sales, and maintenance services of Anzer’s security robots in Hong Kong and Macau.


Anzer is an international robotics company which focuses on the development of state-of-the-art robotics technologies and high-efficiency designs. It has over 100 international and national patents in the area of robotics and automation, in which a lot of them contain proprietary core technologies and unique product designs. 


Security patrols have always required a lot of manpower. And each security guard has to be fully alert at every second of work. With growing demand and a gradually decreasing labour supply, providing good-quality security services has become a challenge. The introduction of security robots however, may be a very good approach to solve this problem.


“We are overwhelmed to be the strategic partners of Anzer.”, the CEO of Molekiu Limited, Morris Choy, said. “The security robots from Anzer are some of the most comprehensive security robots in the current market. Utilizing the latest facial recognition, environmental monitoring and real-time monitoring technologies, the robots are fully aware of all changes in its surrounding environment, even as minor as someone lighting up a cigarette. In a nutshell, robots and automation are definitely the best long-term solution to labour shortages, particularly the security industry, as they are highly alert on a 24-hour basis.”


To learn more about the products, email to or visit the website at

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