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Brand New Advertising Solution. Integration of Advanced Cloud and Robot Technologies to create a new form of media

RoboMedia is a brand new advertising media for shopping mall tenant to promote their services, product and brand image. By integrating Molekiu’s Content and Robot Management cloud platform with advertising robot, both shopping mall and their tenants will enjoy huge benefits on promoting their products and services to customers. 

For shopping mall

•Direct advertising revenue

•Support tenants to generate more sales in results with higher profit sharing

•Create new customer experience

For shopping mall tenants

•Increase sales

•RoboMedia robot will carry your advertising message and present it to every customer who enters the shopping mall 

•Maximize sales by creating unmatched exposure for your products and services 

•Reach customers in the shopping mall beyond the limitation of physical shop location

** Disclaimer: We don't own any advertisements shown in the robots. All of the advertisements we used in this demo video are publicly available.


Backend Platform
robot backend platform, robomedia, robot, Molekiu


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