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Patroller I

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A Reliable Partner.

Patroller I is a security patrolling robot, specifically designed for both outdoors and indoors. With cutting edge technologies, it is able to alert users in case of a fire or a lighting up of a cigarette. Moreover, with the cameras in the robot, it is able to capture real time videos so that users can watch them in the backend computer platform. 


1) Real Time Monitoring

Providing the background system with real-time videos all around the target area both day and night

2) Community Security surveillance and accident alerting

Notifies users in case of a fire or detection of smoke

3) Target Recognition

Identifying a suspect through face recognition and comparison and automatically giving an alert

4) Alarming and Deterrence

Supporting audible and visual alarming and loud-volume warning

5) Environment Monitoring

Monitoring the temperature, humidity, smoke and toxic/hazardous gases detection in surrounding environments and sending the data back to the background

6) Remote Voice Communication

Supporting two-way voice communication between the operator in the background and people of the scene

7) Warning Broadcasting

Broadcasting voice warnings in loop


Weight: 130kg

Size: 1400mm x 750mm x 1600mm (L x W x H)

3 full-color fixed-focus surveillance cameras

1 telescopic PTZ camera

Height of the telescopic mast: 2000mm

Maximum angle of slope: 15 degrees

Maximum Height Of Obstacle: 100mm

Maximum Patrolling Speed: 1m/s

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