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Os mini robot, Molekiu


• Mini is a customer service robot equipped with:

  • interactive service with a 14” multi-media display

  • features such as autonomous obstacle avoidance

  • autonomous charge

  • contains Q&A and guiding functions to perform.

Optional Mini App with Easily-Manageable Backend

• Speech detection and question-answering in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English

• Person following Mode (BETA)

• Cruise Setting

Use Case

  • A Smart Librarian at School Library

  • Guest Welcoming at the Reception center

  • Conduct Guiding Tours at Museums

  • Act as a Smart teaching assistant at schools

  • Perform security patrol

Mini is also one of the products in the "Robots In School Program"

STEM, Os mini, robot in school

Learn more about our program details

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