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Successful workshop held in Valtorta College

Hong Kong (1st August, 2023)​

It is of tremendous excitement to announce that we have recently held a bridging course workshop Movie Master - A.I. Writes Your Dreams at Valtorta College which has been a great success. 

This course is designed for students to explore the possibilities of using generative AI to create innovative content and provide students with opportunities to develop new skills. Students have been learning more about generative AI throughout the course, including how it can improve their creative process and the practical uses for it. Moreover, they have been investigating the ethical considerations and implications of using generative AI.

We are thrilled that the overall feedback from the students was overwhelmingly positive. Out of 62 responses (out of 124 students, around 2 responses from each group), 96.8% of students stated that they found the course useful or very useful in preparing them for secondary education. Additionally, 91.9% of students reported that they found the course to be fun and engaging. Throughout the course, we observed that students were enthusiastic and engaged in learning about new technologies, they were motivated by the generative AI and presented amazing drama performances. 

At Molekiu Limited, we are dedicated to giving our clients cutting-edge robotic solutions and we are eager to get involved in the educational community. We are excited to see that the youth of today are talented and creative. We are grateful for this wonderful opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise with them, as well as inspiring the next generation of innovators.

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