Candle is multi-machine intelligent dispatching design to achieve efficient distribution inside the building.


It can interact with building access, gates and elevators without hindering people's access. At the same time, Candle can freely move up and down the building, and send parcels and takeaways to customers.


Moreover, through the Wechat mini program, APP and other platforms, you can monitorthe robot real time. 


Equipped with laser radar and other sensors, the robot can predict the movement of static and static people or objects, and automatically adopt braking, avoidance, detour, etc. to ensure the safety of equipment and people, and achieve harmonious coexistence between humans and robots.

Candle can work for 8 hours and can meet the basic needs of the day. At the same time, in the case of low battery, it will automatically send back the charging command, find the charging pile to charge itself, fully charge and then continue to work.